4 time wasters at work YOU need to STOP!


Tired of not getting things on time? Sick of being unproductive because of all the distractions If you are going through such situation then go through the following time wasters and see how you can avoid them.

Useless Messaging

Your productivity can suffer a lot if you will not keep yourself away from your mobile and Instant messaging. Though IM is a good intra-office tool but it often works against you than for you. Many times a harmless work related discussion escalates to a hot gossip!

If you want to avoid this then log off all your IM clients when working, keep your mobile in your drawer.

Sending Unnecessary Emails

Emails are one of the best ways to communicate but addiction to emails brings your productivity level down. Many times this easy communication becomes a time waster.

Avoid inter office emails; go discuss it face to face. If not then call them up after the work.

Meetings Addiction

Getting together for a meeting to discuss everything that needs to be discussed in the next meeting is a bad idea and defiantly a waste of time.

Every meeting needs to have a purpose and a well defined goal. Progressive people never waste time n useless meetings and you shouldn’t too.

Poor Multitasking

Multi tasking is helpful and good but this can also go wrong if you do it poorly. There is a certain limit to the things you can do or manage. If you exceed the limit you end up wasting time while your work quality gets affected.

Prioritize your tasks and know what needs to be done when. The better you get at setting priorities, the better you get at multitasking.

5 Technology Skills every student should know



If you want to compete with the world you have to meet the standards and changing trends. Students are the first to observe change. There are some skills that are very helpful for them the earlier they learn these skills, the more they can actually use them. These skills will help them in personal development and they will get the freedom in expressing themselves. Besides this these skills are valuable in the workplaces. Continue reading 5 Technology Skills every student should know

Trainings at Sofizar- ConstellationCK

Sofizar, Constellationck
Sofizar, Constellationck

January 6, 2014 started with in depth  Training of Social Media marketing team By Saad Munir and Nabeel Butt . Both individuals, full of energy and knowledge did their best to train the team for future tasks. For the lazy ones, Saad, by profession  is Web Business Analyst – Social Media Marketing and Nabeel is SEO champ.. Rest can click on their names to see the details.

Day One  started with the basics of SEO. Nabeel discussed the behaviour of a search engine. Trainers focused on how search engine especially Google responds to our queries. Where Search engine  saves the data and how it present the information to the users . In this part of the training they gave an idea about how Google works, what are its standards and how it crawls the data.

In the Second part we discussed how to increase the efficiency of the web site (Major role of SEO) was discussed what kinds of languages should be used. It was surprising for the trainees that Google cannot read images not the graphics so written content should be there to make it search engine friendly.

Further kinds of SEO (On site and off site) were discussed. What methods are not the parts of SEO STRATEGIES today and what kind of practices are not effective any more.

Then off site was discussed it is basically marketing of your content. Trainers told the old practices which are highly discouraged now a days and gave an overview of what should be done now. (keen to know about what should be done? Get in touch with the trainers)

what keywords are and what is their importance? What are the Best SEO Tools  and How to select the right keyword for your niche market? 

On the second day SEO was again the topic and trainers gave a comprehensive view of different practices of SEO. Saad and Nabeel showed how to use Google analytics and web master tools. How with the help of these tools social media marketing team can improve their target market search.

Third day was about  Google penalties and future of link buildingIn this session trainers focused on how Google started the penalties and what were the reasons which turned Google into a nightmare for many. Nabeel mainly focused on  how bad links were one of the major cause of Google penalties. He also gave a brief introduction about the basics of link building 

After this Saad gave a detailed view of how social media emerged what was the concept behind it and how different social mediums are playing their role in digital marketing. He also highlighted some practices due to which some social mediums collapsed and how we should use all the information in our favour to reach our end goals.

Fourth and the last day  was about content marketing. This session covered the queries about relating content with the social media,ways of promotion and sharing as you may want your content to be discussed.The major discussion was about  Generating leads, Sales, Building repo,branding and ROI.

For training recordings and further details send us an email at ammar.sofizar@gmail.com

Life Lesson in Less than 2 Minutes

400742_563045720406722_1767612144_nConversation is a natural way of knowing each other it also helps us to know who can be trusted. The other way of knowing people is observation. Sometimes people learn the same information about social rules and standards through observation. However, observing people’s behaviour takes longer and requires more effort than conversations. We can say that people, through communication, learn how to behave and how to understand social cues faster and more efficiently than just observation.

There is positive communication that refers to words that can be positive, helpful, supportive and even healing. Start identifying people in your social sphere who are adept at using their speech to be supportive and uplifting. I hope you will find some, at least, but if not then you are in real trouble.

And then there is negative communication. That’s the communication that gets people in trouble: It’s dangerous, destructive, hurtful, diminishing and unflattering. This negative speech can even come through body language! It’s anything that indicates something insalubrious. If you find people of this kind around you block them! Run away; if you cannot avoid them then add so much positive things in your life to block their negative vibes.

I have heard countless times that world is full of negativity but my dear fellows you can also make your own world. Believe me; no one is worthy enough to waste your time and energy. You have to set the boundaries. Filter your life from all those who are trying to pull you down.

Our tongue is a powerful weapon. Within seconds our words can encourage and brighten a day or immediately and devastatingly wound a person. Heighten your sensitivity towards the value of lifting up another person. The effort you make in this area will develop you as a giver. Adam Grant writes in his book Give and Take that people who give are far more likely to attract positive attention that over time comes back to enhancing their success.

Why Personal Branding Is Important?

nestBranding is not limited to products and services. Branding means recognition, a well recognized person is also a brand. Everyone wants a share of “The fame” to feel good. Majority thinks that personal branding is limited to celebrities or executives but this is not the case any more.

 Each and every one of us is a brand. Personal branding, by definition, is the process by which we market ourselves to others. It is the process by which we make ourselves worthy. As a brand, we can influence and adopt same strategies that make these celebrities or corporate brands appealing.

So what can help us in making us a brand? Well, there are plenty of ways the easiest and the most influential is Social media or Social networks. Social networks have emerged as open platforms for individuals to share anything any time. From breakfast meals to links, opinions, pictures and videos people share everything. But the big question is how many people think about what impression these online profiles are giving to the viewers?

Those fancy photos at a party are great to share online between friends, but for any current or would be employer they are likely to reflect badly on the individual. This is true, especially in the case of FaceBook, which has around millions of active users. Once I was talking to one of my inspirations, Faisal Qureshi (Not the actor) he said that before hiring, he like to see social profiles as it is very important for him to see how that person interacts. Now imagine you are highly skilled and intelligent but your social existence is pretty lousy… There are greater chances of losing opportunities.

FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, +Google are all the tools which can help you in creating your own brand. In this digital age one cannot ignore the importance and impression of online presence. Few days back on the meet up of Lahore bloggers and SEOs, one of the participants told me that he got an interview call and the employer approached him through LinkedIn. So what are you waiting for! Get social.