How to 10 Android Tips & Tricks

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1. Turn on Developer Mode
• Open the Settings app on your phone.
• Go to the phone's About section.
• Tap your phone's build number seven times.
• You'll see an onscreen countdown, followed by the statement "Congratulations, you are now a developer."

2. Adjust the speed of the animation
• Go to your phone's settings.
• Navigate to System > Developer Options.
• Change the window animation scale, the transition animation scale, and the Animator duration scale.

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3. Delete the App Defaults
• Open the Settings app on your phone.
• Go to the Apps section.
• Select the desired app from the list.
• Tap on Open by default.
• Choose Clear Defaults.

4. Make a Screencast
To access the Quick settings menu, swipe down from the top of your screen. Your Chromecast will be discovered by your device.

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5. Control App Notifications
Long-pressing the app will reveal an information icon. When you press it, you'll be sent to the app's notification settings.

6. Quickly switch Wi-Fi networks
Swipe down from the top of your screen to reveal the Quick settings menu, and instead of selecting the Wi-Fi symbol, tap and hold it. You'll be presented with a list of all the networks in your nearby neighborhood.

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7. Smart Lock
• Open the Settings app on your phone.
• To configure it, go to Security > Smart lock.

8. Application Pinning
• Open the Settings app on your phone.
• Go to Security > Advanced, then slide down to App pinning and switch the toggle at the top of the window.
• To pin a screen, launch the app, then hit the Overview button, followed by the pin icon.

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9. Enable Notification History
• Open the Settings app on your phone.
• Navigate to Apps and notifications > Notifications > Notification history and turn the toggle to On.
• Click History in the notification shade to see what you have missed.

10. Turn on Chat Bubbles
• Open the Settings app on your phone.
• Go to Apps and notifications.
• To enable chat bubbles, go to Notifications > Bubbles.
• Navigate to Settings > Apps and notifications and then select Conversations.
• Select the conversation you wish to turn into a bubble.

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