3 new Windows 10 tricks you’ll wish you knew already

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1) Clipboard History

If you copy and paste text all day long. It’s irritating once if we accidentally copy over our last selection. That’s where Clipboard history comes in, it allows you to store up to 25 entries so you'll return and grab your recent selections.

To enable Clipboard history:

• Click Start > Settings > System

• Click Clipboard, then toggle “Clipboard history” on

Once you’ve turned history on, hit Windows + V to see a list of you’ve copied. A window will pop up, starting with the foremost recent item. you'll click any of them to repeat again.

How to wipe out your Clipboard history?

Navigate to Clipboard settings, and choose Clear under 'Clear clipboard data'.

To delete or pin one item, click the three dots next thereto within the Clipboard history pop-up.


2. Screen share without third-party applications

Do you want to help someone who needs tech help from time to time or even you would like a guide to assist you to fix your issues?

Try 'Quick Assist'. 

It’s super simple to use and you don’t get to download a thing.

Type 'quick assist' into the taskbar and you will see two options: 

Get assistance or Give assistance.

Follow the on-screen instructions to remote in to assist.

A word of warning: Only allow this sort of access to someone you trust.


3. Upgrade file manager

Navigating through files is a little bit difficult for Windows 10. 

Files App, a third-party file explorer.

It can be downloaded for free of charge from the Microsoft Store.

Files App is, well, what the built-in File Explorer should be and it's fresh and modern, it’s easy to navigate and you can customize it to suit your needs. It syncs well with OneDrive, too.


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