5 Google Drive Tips & Tricks

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1. Make use of shortcuts
• To make a Google Drive shortcut, go to the file, right-click it.
• Choose to add a shortcut to Drive from the context menu.

2. Configure Offline Access to Your Files
• Go to Google Drive > Settings > Offline to get started.
Select the option next to Create, open, and edit recent Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files while offline.

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3. Modify the Drive Interface
• You may alter the color of a folder by right-clicking on it.
Select Change color from the context menu.

4. Convert all Microsoft Offline Files to Google Drive Formats
• Navigate to Settings > Convert uploads in Google Drive.
By checking the option next to Convert uploaded files to convert it to Google Docs editor format.

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5. Share directly from Google Drive
Right-click on the file you wish to share and select the Share option.
• You may choose to share it with particular persons or make it open to the public.

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