5 Mac applications As Software Engineer You Need

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Path Finder
For MacOS's Finder application, the Path Finder is an alternative. We are able to put a really useful button on the toolbar to easily toggle hidden files so that we can view those configuration files that start with a dot. Open the current terminal folder, useful if we want to get into a coding project from the file system. See two folders at once in a window side by side.

It's so easy as a text box for our regular expression and a text box against which we wish to test it. It also recalls the many things in regex that you can perform and can store your regex later in the case you need to reuse. Both are hidden by default in toggleable panels.

Gifox allows you to capture portions of your screen or entire windows and save them as Gifs. Gifox is located at the top of your Mac menu bar and we can either click on the record or use a keyboard shortcut if you want to start recording. We may then record a window or a certain area of the screen.

Moom, which enhances MacOS window management considerably. Moom does it by rapidly transforming and snapping windows into various screen areas.

Split panes that allow you to work side by side across several terminal sessions. Automatic profile changing so that we can customize tabs according to what we run inside them. Customizable tabs allow us to color our code tabs so we can quickly return to the one we need.

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