Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration: Step-by-step guide on how to register

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Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration will go live at 12 pm today (May 18) and we can expect the game to be initiate sometime in June. The pre-registration is accessible on Google Play Store for Android and it offers exciting rewards obtainable only for Indian players. The game will offer PUBG Mobile-like gameplay experience but with less savagery, more privacy, and security, among other things. Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration for iOS is not unbolted yet.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration link can operationalize at 12 pm on May 18. After the link is functionalize, you will pre-register the game by visiting the Google Play Store. For this, you will acquire the game Pre-Register button on the Google Play Store. Users will be alerted when the game is launched and is available to download and play. Krafton had said there will be four absolute pre-registration rewards, including the Recon Mask, the Recon Outfit, Celebration Expert Title, and 300 AG.

According to Krafton, Battlegrounds Mobile India will come loaded with exclusive in-game events like outfits and features. The brand new game will have its own E-sports ecosystem with tournaments and leagues. The battle royal game is expected to be homogenous to the original PUBG Mobile in most aspects. However, a little swap here and there in the Indian version of the game can't be ruled out. Battlegrounds Mobile India shared a advertisement of the likely Ban Tai map location from Sanhok – one of the 4×4 maps available in-game. The map Sanhok was annexed to PUBG Mobile in September 2018 and is now set to be a part of Battlegrounds Mobile India.
It may be remembered that the Indian government had banned PUBG Mobile India on September 2, 2020, due to data privacy concerns under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India will have curtailment for children and teenagers. Players below 18 years of age will have new curtailments in Battlegrounds Mobile India and will need to register for the game with a phone number that belongs to their parents or guardian.
The policy also mentions that parents or guardians who feel that their child has provided personal information without their acquiescence can contact the developers and request for the information to be deleted from the database. Furthermore, players below the age of 18 will only be able to approach the title for a maximum of three hours every day. These players will also not be able to pay out Rs 7,000 per day for in-app purchases. 

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