Best Camera Apps

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Bacon Camera
Bacon Camera is a decent camera app that supports RAW and DNG images in addition to the standard JPEG format. It boasts manual control functionality on devices that do not use Google's Camera2 API.

Best Photo Editor Apps

Google Camera
Google Camera is the official camera app for Android devices from Google. It includes a lens blur mode, slow motion (on supported smartphones), photospheres, video stabilization, and other useful features. This is only available for devices running Android 7.1 and higher.

HedgeCam 2
HedgeCam 2 is an open-source fork of the Open Camera software. This one comes with a slew of manual controls, HDR and DRO (dynamic range optimization) shot modes, several customization options such as turning off the shutter sound and even face detection functionality.

ProCam X
ProCam X emphasizes professional-oriented features above filters and social media-style features. The app has a burst mode, facial recognition, 4k video recording capabilities, and RAW support. There are manual controls, the ability to disable the shutter sound, and a few camera modes such as scene mode and focus mode.

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Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom is now one of the top picture editing apps for smartphones. It also contains a camera app with crucial capabilities such as HDR, RAW support, and a variety of modes and presets. It also contains the standard set of manual camera settings.

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