Bitcoin Useful Facts, Future of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Safety

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What is a Bitcoin? What Makes Bitcoin Unique?
A Bitcoin is an online currency that is generated by complex math equations. It is the first decentralized, open-source digital payment network.
Bitcoin was created to replace physical money. This way it can be used for any type of transaction without the need for a central bank or government to regulate it.
The main features that make bitcoin unique are that it can be transferred without any third party being involved in the process, the transactions are irreversible, and there are no limits on how many bitcoins will ever exist.

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Bitcoin Regulations Around the World
Bitcoin regulations are mandatory legal guidelines that are enforced by respective jurisdictions to protect its citizens. Regulations may include anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) regulations.
The different jurisdictions can be classified as follows:

 Countries with no regulations.
 Countries with no regulations, but with an open market for bitcoin.
 Countries where Bitcoin is not regulated, but there is still a ban on its use.
 Countries that have clear regulations for bitcoin use.

What is The Future of Bitcoin?
The future of bitcoin is still uncertain. Experts believe that it will be a currency to use for smaller, less expensive purchases. It could also be a store of value or a tool for international commerce.
In the future, bitcoin might only be accepted at certain locations within certain countries. Governments might regulate it so that its value is determined by their economic policies and other factors. There are also a lot of speculations about what will happen to the price in the future, but nobody really knows for sure.

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Investing in Bitcoin - A Quick Overview
Investing in bitcoin can be a difficult process for beginners. However, you can get started investing in bitcoin by following these simple steps:
1) Find a Bitcoin wallet - Bitcoin wallets are software programs that store your bitcoins. 
2) Get some bitcoins - You can buy bitcoins from online exchanges, or even from other people in person.
3) Spend your bitcoins - There are many things you can buy with bitcoin, including gift cards and electronics.

What is the Bitcoin Network Effect?
The Bitcoin network effect is the tendency for the value of a good or service to increase as more people use it.
Network effects are created through different degrees of interdependence by three different categories of participants (unit, customer, and industry). For Bitcoin, the three types of participants are:
1) Users: People who buy and sell bitcoins;
2) Merchants: Online stores that accept bitcoin as payment;
3) Service providers: The companies that provide goods and services to bitcoin users such as wallet software developers, exchanges, mining pools, etc.
For Bitcoin to work well, all three groups must participate in the network. More users will prompt more merchants to use bitcoin which will prompt more service providers to support it which will prompt more users and so on.

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How to Store Your Bitcoins Safely and Securely?
There are only a few things that you need to do in order for you to have a safe and secure Bitcoin wallet.
First, you need to have security software on your computer that can block malware and hackers from getting access to your data. Secondly, you need a strong password so that only the person who knows the password will be able to gain access to it. And lastly, make sure that your operating system has the necessary protection so that the private keys inside of your wallet cannot be seen by anyone else other than yourself.

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