How to Boot Safe Mode in Windows 11

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Using the Start Menu
1. By clicking the "windows icon" in the taskbar, you can access the Start menu.
2. In the lower-right corner, click the "power icon."
3. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and hit the "Restart" option.

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Using the Settings App
1. Launch the Windows Settings app.
2. Select "System" from the sidebar of the Settings App.
3. Select "Recovery."
4. Click the "Restart Now" button next to the title "Advanced Setup."
5. A pop-up dialogue box appears, prompting you to save your work before restarting, and then select "Restart Now."

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Windows will reboot into a blue screen after shutting down.

6. Choose "Troubleshoot."
7. Select "Advanced Options" in Troubleshoot.
8. Select "Startup Settings" from the Advanced Options menu.
9. Click "Restart" in Startup Settings.

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The computer will restart into a "Startup Settings" menu with several options.

10. To enter Safe Mode, press the "4" key on your keyboard.

Windows will boot into Safe mode after hitting the "4" key. Windows will replace your desktop image with a black background color and the title "Safe Mode" will appear in the corners.

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