How to Delete Duplicate Files on Android

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Android phones can be loaded with unnecessary files over time, affecting performance. One method is to delete any duplicate files, such as music, images, and other items.

You need to clear up some space on your Android phone. If the internal storage space on your Android phone is getting low, it's a good idea to check for duplicate files using the approach explained below before removing photographs or recordings.

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Issues due to Duplicate Files

  1. Searches become more complicated and time-consuming.
  2. Your Android smartphone will be slowed down as a result.
  3. Reduces storage capacity by a significant amount.
  4. Take up needless space.
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Key Features of Files by Google

  1. Cleaning suggestions can help you make more space.
  2. Share files with people offline, quickly, and without using data.
  3. Back up your data to the cloud to save up space on your device.
  4. Using search and simple browsing, you can find files faster.
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Why Files by Google?
Files by Google is a cloud storage solution that provides unlimited storage for photos and videos. Google has been in the business of storing data for a long time. The company has taken the best features from its other products and combined them to make this one product that is targeted at consumers who take a lot of photos and videos on their phones.

Files by Google provides users with unlimited storage for photos and videos. It also offers an impressive suite of editing tools that can be accessed from any device, including mobile devices as well as PCs or Macs. Files by Google also allow users to share their content with others while still retaining ownership of the original file.

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Benefits of Files by Google

  1. Files by Google is a file manager and storage browser that allows you to quickly discover what you're looking for.
  2. Use Files by Google to determine how much free space remains on your phone.
  3. Transfer files to an SD card directly from the app to clear up space on your phone. 
  4. You may use the built-in file cleaner to free up space on your phone.
  5. Files by Google are protected with WPA2 encryption, resulting in a more secure file transmission.
  6. Any file can be viewed, deleted, moved, renamed, or shared.
  7. Sort files by file size to see what's using up space.
  8. It allows users to store all their files in one place, access them from anywhere and share them with anyone who has the link without having to worry about syncing or managing permissions.
  9. And more.

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How to Delete Duplicate Files on Android

"If Files by Google isn't already on your device, you can get it from the Google Play Store."
  1. On your Android phone, launch the Files by Google app.
  2. When you first time launches the app, you will be prompted to accept Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  3. If you agree, tap Continue to begin.
  4. Tap Allow on the permissions dialogue to provide the app access to your files.
  5. To begin, navigate to the Clean tab in the bottom bar.
  6. Tap the Select files button on the Duplicate files card.
    1. Tap the Clean button on the Junk Files card if you wish to delete cache files.
    2. You can also delete other media by tapping on the specific card.
  7. You can delete all duplicates by tapping the radio icon next to the title All Items, or you can manually pick the files you wish to delete.
  8. Tap Delete at the bottom.
  9. Tap Delete on the confirmation dialogue to remove the file(s).
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