Four hidden WhatsApp features you almost certainly didn’t realize

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WHATSAPP is that the world's hottest messaging service for a reason, with many handy features to form messaging your mates a breeze.

But a number of the chat app's tools and settings are more widely known than others. Here are four that you simply probably didn't realize.

Disappearing messages
WhatsApp allows you to send disappearing messages that self-destruct after every week.

The new feature automatically deletes texts sent to contacts or groups – potentially saving you future embarrassment.

It works a touch like Snapchat messages, boosting your privacy by killing off potentially sensitive messages.

When you enable disappearing messages, they vanish after seven days – though messages sent before changing settings won't be affected.

Here's what to do:

Open the WhatsApp chat
Tap the contact’s name
Tap Disappearing Messages
If prompted, tap Continue
Select On

You can disable it using an equivalent method.

Recipients can still screenshot your messages before they're deleted, therefore the system isn't foolproof.

Turn off read receipts
Read receipts are the small blue ticks that appear next to a message after a recipient has seen it.

One grey tick means your message has been sent, two grey ticks means it's reached their device and a pair of blue ticks means it has been read.

If you are doing not want to send or receive read receipts, it's a simple process to show them off.

First, open the WhatsApp app and choose Settings, then Account then tap Privacy.

Scroll down and tap to uncheck the box next to "Read Receipts" and you've got successfully turned them off.

Be warned, if you switch off read receipts you'll not be ready to see read receipts from people.

Hide last seen
At the highest of all of your WhatsApp chats, your friends and family can see once you were last on the app.

The 'last seen' stamp gives the time & date you were the last browsing through your messages.

If you'd rather your contacts didn't know your messaging habits, you'll close up last seen in your settings.

Head to Account then tap Privacy. you'll then set it so your last seen is visible only to your contacts, or to nobody.

Bookmark useful messages
Some WhatsApp messages are more important than others.

Whether it is the address of a celebration or the time and date of an enormous event, vital messages can go adrift amid the mass of other texts you've received.

Fortunately, there is a neat trick you'll use to form sure you never lose a message again.

WhatsApp features a bookmark feature that allows you to flag important messages.

You can then find them easily within the Starred Messages section of the app.

To bookmark a text, hold down on the message and press the star icon at the highest of your screen.

You can then approach the message any time from your application's settings.

Tapping on them even brings you back thereto exact point within the chat, so you'll even check why and when it had been sent.

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