How to convert GPT to MBR (Windows 11)

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The standard BIOS partition table is used on Master Boot Record (MBR) drives. MBR drives can only have four partitions per disc. The MBR partition technique is not recommended for drives larger than two terabytes (TB).

A Windows 10 or Windows 11 Personal Computer(PC)
A GPT partition style
An account with admin rights

Restore or transfer the data on your basic GPT disc to which you want to convert to an MBR drive.

Convert GPT to MBR in the Graphical User Interface(GUI)

Converting GPT into MBR using the Disk Management GUI.

1. Right-click the drive that you want to convert

2. Select "Delete Volume"

3. Again Right-click on the drive

4. Click on "Convert to MBR Disk"

Convert GPT to MBR using Diskpart

1. Click on the search icon located in the center of the taskbar.

2. Type "cmd" in the search box. 

2. Open an elevated command prompt by right-clicking Command Prompt and then choose Run as Administrator

3. In cmd type "diskpart"

4. Then at the DISKPART prompt, type "list disk"

5. After that at the prompt, type "select disk "

6. The at the prompt, type clean

7. Finally type "convert mbr" at the DISKPART prompt


list disk - Shows the list of discs and information, such as their size, the quantity of free space available

select disk - Choose the disc you specify

clean - Removes from your drive all partitions or volumes

convert mbr - Converts a GPT partition disc into an MBR partition

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