How to create a subdomain?

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What is a subdomain?
Subdomains serve as a domain name extension to help you manage and browse across various parts of your website. Creating a  test version of a website is the most common use of a subdomain. In addition, subdomains are often utilized to separate a website area from the main site.

Are subdomains free?
Yes, if you own a domain, you can use the free subdomains of the website! It is your website and the way you want to organize and develop totally is up to you.

What is an example of a subdomain?
For Example -> 'example' is the subdomain and 'ammarjaved' is the primary domain and '.com' is the top-level domain.

How to create a subdomain?

How to create a subdomain in cPanel?
1. Log in to cPanel using your details.

2. Scroll to the Domains section, and click Subdomains

3. Enter the name of your new subdomain in the box

4. Choose the domain for which subdomain you want to create

5. Type the document root path for the domain if you wish

6. Click on the "Create" button


Subdomains are used to let you manage and browse various parts of your website as a domain name extension. The most typical application of a subdomain is to create a test version of a website. Often subdomains are used to separate the main site from a website section. You can utilize the free subdomains of the site if you own a domain.

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