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 Are you worried about how to do the front crawl stroke? do you know Front crawl stroke is so exciting at any age? The front-crawl stroke is the most efficient and popular swimming stroke.

By exactly knowing the front crawl stroke will enhance your swimming ability. It will surely endure and experience you uniquely in the field of athlete competition. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned swimmer, this blog is worth reading to learn about how to be a master of how to do the front crawl stroke. 

Here we will discuss one-by-one step of front crawl stroke. It will surely enhance your technique of swimming. Furthermore, you will learn body positioning, streamlining, hip rotation, rotation of the head with the functionality of the eyes, and also entry, catch and push, and pull recovery. The correct body position is crucial if you are learning the front crawl stroke properly. 

As for any activity, this also needs phenomenal instructions so you need to follow all the steps while learning how to do the Front Crawl Strokes. 

How to do a Front Crawl stroke?

When it comes to Front crawl, the word harmony is best suited here, because this is the basic pillar of crawl stroke. Due to harmony the the arms and legs work in a parallel way.

Moreover, in this activity, you should have a proper breathing technique , if you don’t have a proper breathing pattern, you will feel tireless soon and your arms will ache entirely.

After every arm recovery, the turning of the head will allow you to inhale and exhale more gases than the normal level in the water. In brief, front crawl stroke is one of the eminent activities for swimmers whether they are beginners or seasoned swimmers.

 Follow these steps:

First, lay straight and lift your body position a bit upward, your body should be straight and horizontal position, and engage your muscles in a way that your hips keep in water. Make sure your head and shoulder are lower than your hips.

The arm motion in the front crawl stroke:

The arm motion plays an important part in swimming. This is a coordinated movement of arms and legs pulling and pushing. Stretch your arms in front of yourself. Then move your arm in an oscillating motion till it reaches your thighs. after this activity, to enhance and maintain maximum propulsion, keep your elbows above your hands. Must keep in mind, that if you are pulling one arm you should be handling it with a water body. As soon as your one arm reaches the thigh, raise it to the recovery phase. However, maintaining a constant rhythmic motion you need to continue alternate movements of your arm.

Breathing Technique:

Proper inhaling is crucial to maintain your stamina in crawl stroke. Follow these steps to maintain breathing while doing a Front crawl stroke.

  1. 1. Turn your head by rotating your arm
  2. 2. Inhale quickly while keeping your head aligned with your body
  3. 3. Exhale through nostrils and mouth as well
  4. 4. Your muscles should in balance while doing bilateral breathing

Kick Technique:

To do this activity, keep your legs straight, but there should be a slight bending of your knees. Quickly flutter your feet, by doing this propulsion will be created An efficient and strong kick will provide propulsion in the water and help maintain balance. Keep in mind, that kick with your hip to maximize power. It will minimize drag. Also, keep a steady pace for smooth propulsion.

Putting all components Together.

Once you have, become comfortable with the front crawl stroke, and when you get mastery of rhythmic and continuous propulsion, apply these into one fluid rhythmic motion. make sure your body is in the proper position, breathing, and arm movement periodically. However, you can improve the techniques by practicing and taking the assistance of a proper coach daily. As everything takes time and swimming is an art. This art will be done by taking special measures and practices as well.

 Front crawl stroke:

This is an essential skill for swimming. It requires strength, coordination, and efficiency. You can improve your swimming skills by mastering the key elements outlined in this guide. Take the plunge, accept the challenge, and work to perfect your crawl stroke.

People do some common mistakes in Crawl Stroke

To begin front crawl stroke is one of the important swimming strokes. It is one of the most challenging jobs for beginners. However, along with difficulty, it is one of the most interesting and enjoyable jobs.

 Nevertheless, it’s also prone to several common mistakes that can hinder the performance of swimming activity and it can have repercussions on one’s body like injury, leading to inefficiency or even injury. 

Some common mistakes in the front crawl stroke:

Incorrect Position of head: Some people raise their heads too high, or some lower them too low by burying them too deep in water. However, in an ideal case, they should be at or below the hairline.

Wrong body position: The most common mistake in crawl stroke is when you keep your hips too low, which lowers your forward pace and simultaneously decreases propulsion.

Lack of rotation and overreaching:

Improper rotation causes muscle fatigue in Front crawl stroke. However, you should apply body rotation with each  crawl stroke so that the body swims with a rhythm. The other mistake swimmers make is they elongate their body too much, like they stretch their arms too much and create additional drag. Advice is to try to make the catch with the elbow while keeping your shoulder in the proper position and direction.

False breathing Activity:

People make a common mistake in front crawl stroke, they breathe too much or they bear breathing. Exterimism in anything leads to failure. It makes the swimmer tired. Synchronize your inhale and exhale also make your breath rhythmic with body rotation. Moreover, uneven stroke tempo makes someone tired and inefficient.

Advice is to keep a rhythmic pace. Focus on your arm and keep it relaxed in a medium bend by raising the elbow slighter over the body. Incorporate these techniques in your front crawl stroke.


In a nutshell, Front crawling is an interesting and imminent activity nowadays. Athletes use front crawl strokes in sports. The rhythm of this activity starts by letting the head up, chin down, and periodical breathing and strong long strokes.

However, the most crucial is to get full command of crawl stroke which is a pivotal. However, this can be achieved and done by reported action of stretching arms and legs accordingly, along with alignment of the body with the flow of water and quick movements of arms and legs. Furthermore, you can be a master of this art by hiring a personal professional coach.

You will be amazed by adopting the proper methodology of swimming by a dedicated trainer and you will be elevated by doing this practice daily. You will attain the level of competitiveness in the right way. So, feel free to share this blog with friends if you find it informative in front crawl stroke.


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