How To Install DART in Windows

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Dart is a programming language designed for client development like for the web, desktop, and mobile applications and can also be used to build server applications and it is developed by Google.

Follow the below instructions to install DART on Windows

STEP 1: Go to Desktop, right-click on "This PC", and then click on Properties and check the architecture of Windows.

STEP 2: The architecture of Windows is 64-Bit. So I'll download 64-bit DART SDK from the given below link

STEP 3: Extract the downloaded zip file and after extracting the contents of the zip file will be as shown below

STEP 4: Now open the "bin" folder and type "cmd" as shown below

Command Prompt will be opened with our desired path of the "bin" folder. In command prompt type "dart" as given below

We can only use the dart in the bin folder. Now let's add its path in Environment Variables so we will be able to open dart in any file system using command prompt

STEP 5: Go to Desktop, right-click on "This PC" and then click on "Advanced system settings" on the right side.

After that "System Properties" Popup Box will be opened, click on the "Environment Variables" button as shown below

Now select "Path" under "System Variables" and click on the "Edit" button

Now, we will copy the path where we have downloaded the Dart SDK as shown below

After that click on the "New" button and paste the path and then click on the "OK" button as shown below

Now we can use Dart anywhere in the file system

STEP 6: Running Dart using command prompt but with different file system location


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