How to Use WhatsApp Marketing to Grow Your Business

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WhatsApp is the world's most famous messaging app. For businesses, this means there is a higher chance of reaching customers and promoting their products.

1. Why WhatsApp Marketing is Important for Your Business
WhatsApp has made it easier than ever to send messages to your customers. As long as they have an internet connection, you can send them broadcasts and text messages. This type of marketing is intimate and personal, which makes it more likely for them to respond.
As long as there are smartphone users, WhatsApp will continue to be used as a messenger in different ways by different people around the world.

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2. How Brands Can Leverage WhatsApp for Marketing Purposes?
Brands can leverage WhatsApp for marketing purposes by implementing the following strategies:
1) Engaging with consumers in a personal way: Brands can use WhatsApp to establish the type of relationship they want to have with their customers. By being more personal and friendly, brands will be able to better target their audiences. For example, Nike could use WhatsApp to share information about its latest running shoes and promote their products through engaging conversations.
2) Tracking consumer purchasing habits: Brands can use conversations in groups on WhatsApp as a way to track buying habits of consumers. For example, Coca-Cola could send coupons for soda on an ongoing basis or send out special discounts during major holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The company would then be able to tell which products are more popular.

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3. What is the Purpose of WhatsApp Groups?
WhatsApp groups are a great place for building communities and maintaining relationships with people you have lost touch with.
Many people think of WhatsApp Groups as just another way to text or chat with friends. The truth is, it's far beyond that. Whether you are looking for a like-minded group to discuss new work opportunities or find someone who can help you figure out how to make your car more fuel-efficient, WhatsApp has it all.

4. How Brands Can Advertise on WhatsApp?
Brands have been using WhatsApp for advertising purposes for a while now. With the help of AI-powered software that is able to design, create and send ads, brands can target consumers in more than one way.
Brands are using Facebook ads to advertise on the WhatsApp platform with great success, but they are also using sponsored messages that are sent directly to consumers and not just the people in their contact list.

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5. How Brands Can Engage their Audience on Whatsapp?
With the rising popularity of video and chatbots, brands are trying to optimize their customer's experience by implementing these features on social media.
Brands now have more ways to interact with their customers than ever before. Some companies are using short video status messages on Whatsapp while others are trying Chatbots for customer service.
With short video status messages, brands can share content that they want their audiences to see in a way that maximizes engagement levels.

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