Node.js Development Trends in 2021

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Applications in real-time
Node.js utilizes the Event API and Websocket to achieve the two-way interaction needed for applications in real time. Real-time applications have a bright future in front of them.

Internet of Things
Real-time applications must handle many user requests and node.js has consequently become a helper. It also offers a sure-fire solution in addition to providing great apps. As a consequence, you can trust node.js to help you create IoT applications for your clients.

Each year, GraphQL, another node.js trend, develops. The programmers across the world slowly attracted attention. It might be assumed to expand considerably.
The process of many platforms such as Windows, Android, or iOS will be streamlined with GraphQL. It will thus be the developer's favorite and successful feature.

An architectural technique is Microservice, which is an alternative for a serverless approach. The maintenance of the code depends on microservice and is responsible for the quality of the code.
The architecture of Microservices is constantly growing and can be a successful investment.

Serverless Solution
The maintenance costs are practically nil, and companies do not need to be aware of their performance when they decide. It may boast a worldwide community besides that. The advantages are improved code quality, lowering project costs, saved a lot of time and improved efficiency.

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