The Best Programming Languages to Learn (2021)

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Python is free and open, understandable, one of the easiest languages to learn for programming and this is the technology behind the most searched areas of data science and machine learning.

For Android development, Kotlin is extensively utilized. Google supports it very well. However, it's quite recent, therefore several tools Java has to be re-created for Kotlin already. Kotlin may be a little difficult for a newbie. But if you learn Java at first, then you will be far more capable than the average developer with Kotlin.

It is a language object-oriented which is extensively used almost everywhere. It is the technology for massive enterprise-level applications on the servers that stands out. It is both extremely secure, portable, and structured.

It is a to-go alternative on the basis of a .Net platform and for Windows development. C# It was invented by Microsoft and remains one of the finest technologies ever for corporate growth.

In 2014, exactly as Kotlin, Apple launched Swift, which is a relatively new programming language, however is now extremely demanded. For your IOS apps, technological giants, such as WordPress, SoundCloud and Mozilla FireFox are using Swift. With the failure of Objective-C, Swift has become the official language for developing iOS and macOS applications.

Ammar Javed

Ammar Javed

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