The Internet of Things: How It Will Transform the World

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IoT is improving our lives by connecting devices and people in ways that were never possible before. We are reaching a point where the world is not just connected but also smart. IoT is not a future trend, it has already begun to change how we live. It provides us with data that can be used in many different industries to improve efficiency and quality of life. With IoT, we are able to uniquely identify things and people, monitor them, control their environment and personalize their experience through greater data collection and analysis than ever before.
Some of the more popular examples are smart appliances, smart home devices, smart cars, and wearable technology. Smart cities are just as connected. IoT extends the mobile revolution. The growing smartphone generation has fully embraced the many advantages that mobile technology provides. Now, instead of simply a phone, we have more powerful devices to connect us and the world. We can use these devices to create better services for us and the things we are connected to. And we can use them to create new possibilities for doing things in ways that were not possible before.

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How IoT will change the world
Today, we are very excited about the many innovations that are emerging and we are also seeing the positive impact this has on people’s lives. But, what about tomorrow? What will the world look like when we have the capability to embed sensors in every device and person? To the doctor, a smart sensor that can alert doctors when a patient’s vital signs are out of the norm is more valuable than ever. Similarly, an alert when the water heater is running too hot is an opportunity to reduce energy usage and maximize the value of this investment. The answer is more connected, higher quality, and more personalized experiences for customers.

The benefits of IoT
Technology is advancing rapidly, enabling computers to reach a variety of uses, enhancing our everyday lives. This includes things like connected vehicles that communicate with each other and with infrastructure to maintain traffic flow and efficient routes, smarter infrastructure that protects us from flood and fires, delivery drones that can connect with their GPS location to deliver products to their destinations faster, and drones that can identify fires and help fight them, and wearable devices that have GPS and communication capabilities so you can stay connected wherever you are. Each of these applications involves an increasing amount of data and the ability to extract value from that data to improve services for customers.

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Where do we go from here?
The smart home is a perfect example of how IoT is making the world more efficient. Connecting your home to the internet means that everything in your home is possible to control from your smartphone, tablet or even your car. With IoT, you will be able to monitor your home's temperature, set up alarms, talk to your robot vacuum and so much more. Interconnected devices and networks are advancing the digital world in incredible ways. Innovations and creative thinking are leading to a massive transformation in how we use technology, and how we interact with the world around us. As we enter the next wave of innovation, we can see a new, evolving type of interaction between humans and machines.

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We are living in a highly competitive world where industry players must stay ahead of the game. The key to succeeding is to quickly adopt innovative new technologies that will continue to improve people’s lives in the next decade.

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