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Top 5 Flutter Packages Everyone Must Know in 2023

Flutter has gained and is gaining popularity because of its single code base, features, and ease of use. To make the most out of Flutter, developers must know the top 5 Flutter packages. These packages can help you in the faster development of the app.

Flutter Provider Package

The Provider package is a wide and simple-to-use state management package. It’s a good approach to use for small or medium-sized applications. With the help of the provider, we can have a separate logic for business, data, and presentation. It can help us for managing the state across multiple screens in the app.

Flutter Bloc Package:

The Bloc package is also a solution for state management. It’s a good approach to use for large and complex applications. This package has its own architecture which helps in having separate login for the business layer, separate logic for the data layer, and a presentation layer

Flutter Dio Package:

The Dio package can be used to handle the API requests in the app. It is a very powerful package and easy to use when working with APIs. It can be used to perform GET, POST, DELETE, etc APIs requests. It also has a package dio_smart_retry to send requests to the server again and again and some other packages each with their own use case.

Flutter Calendar Package:

The calendar_flutter_aj is a package that can be used to pick dates. It is a simple-to-use package to pick dates in a Flutter app. The default UI of this package is attractive and beautiful but everyone can customize the UI according to their design requirements.

Flutter Svg Package:

The SVG is a package that can help to load images faster and can be used to show SVG images in the app. This package is customizable for setting the height, width, background color for the image, etc.


Why packages are used in Flutter?

Flutter packages can help us build our app faster because these packages have prebuilt functionalities which we can use instead of writing code from scratch.

How to install flutter packages?

Open the pubspec.yaml file and under the dependencies section, add the name of the package and then run the flutter pub get command in the terminal to install it.

Can we create a flutter package?

Yes, we can create a flutter package using the flutter SDK and we can also publish it on the pub.dev


Flutter packages are important for developers because they help to use the prebuilt features. These top 5 packages explained in this article can help also help us to make the app faster and smoother.


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