What is Android

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Android is a mobile OS supporting a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open-source software, designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Android Architecture:


Android Security Architecture:


It consists of two models:

Android Bases Permission Control:

When the application installs, it asks for permissions.

Linux Based Privilege Control Model:

Every application is given a separate UID(User Identity) and PID(Process Identity). The user of that application is the owner of that PID.

Android Application Development Cycle:


Android Startup Process: 

When we turn on android operating system:


Boots up the kernel.

Init Process:

Responsible for running components background of android operating systems. Init.rc file from which init process takes configuration

Zygote Process:

Responsible for running Dalvik Virtual Machine.

Dalvik Virtual Machine:

Which is needed to run an android application.


Android operating system sends one broadcast message to all components and all applications that boot process has completed.

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