What is AngularJS?

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AngularJS extends HTML to include new attributes. Angular JS is ideal for applications with a single page.
Angular JS is Google's JavaScript open-source framework for web app building. It can be used and modified.AngularJS is open source, fully free, and is used worldwide by thousands of developers.AngularJS is a client-side JavaScript MVC framework to build dynamic web applications. It also allows you to create customized attributes using  JavaScript.Static HTML is converted to dynamic HTML by AngularJS.


AngularJS Advantages
Data is binding in two ways:  AngularJS establishes two-way data binding between the selected and orderProp models.

Dependency Injection: Dependency Injection defines a design pattern in which components get dependencies rather than the hard coding within the component.

Model view controller: In Angular JS, clean MVC applications are incredibly straightforward to create. You only need to split your code into MVC.

No additional scripting language has to be learned. It's simply HTML and JavaScript.
Easy to enlarge and modify.


Why learn AngularJS?                                                                                                                                   Cross-browser compatible applications developed in AngularJS.

The Angular JS gives developers a clean Model View Controller (MVC) approach to create client-side apps with JavaScript.

AngularJS is an efficient framework for creating rich web applications.



      <div ng-app = "">
         <p>Enter Name: <input type = "text" ng-model = "name"></p>
         <p>Hi <span ng-bind = "name"></span>!</p>
      <script src = "">
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