What is C++ Programming? What is C++ Programming used for?

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C++ is a popular language for programming. For computer programs, C++ is utilized. C++ is a cross-platform language that allows high-performance applications to be created. C++ provides high levels of system resource and memory control to programmers.

What is C Programming? What is C Programming used for?

What is C++?
C++ is a cross-platform and highly popular programming language over the years. C++ is a more declarative language than C, the flat language of programming. It's a C language extension. It has been developed to make high-performance, reliable, and efficient applications easier to develop rapidly.

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Why use C++?
• C++ has a relatively easy syntax and a well-defined system type.
• C++ programs frequently feature a lot of clever functionality, so that one program can perform well in many situations in which a big and complicated equivalent program is included.

• Thinking about C++, people think of major software projects, such as operating systems, libraries of operating systems, and other high-performance • computing applications.
• C++ contains an interface that makes calling to other C++ libraries easier (e.g. stdcall or stdio).
• In high-performance computing and embedded systems, C++ is commonly utilized.

C++'s Features
• C++ is a very simple language to learn and apply.
• C++ has capabilities like arrays and data structures, lists, and iterators, and others.
• It is a well-balanced language that can be used to solve a variety of programming issues.
• C++ makes it simple to build parallel programs that can manage several threads at the same time.

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What is the C++ programming language used for?
It is used for developing
• Browsers
• Cloud/Distributed System
• Games
• Database Software 
• Operating Systems
• GUI Based Applications

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C++ vs. C
• C is a general-purpose programming language that is used in embedded devices, games, and minicomputers. C++ is a more commonly used programming language that is used to develop complicated applications for a variety of devices, including PCs, servers, routers so on.

• C++ provides programmers more control over memory and the flow of control than C.

• We can build functions and arrays in the C programming language. In C++, we may utilize templates to define whole classes and arrays made up of multiple operations.

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C++ is a cross-platform language for creating high-performance applications. C++ offers programmers a high level of system resource and memory control. C is more declarative than C. It was created to make quick and efficient apps easier to develop.

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