What is C Programming? What is C Programming used for?

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What is C Programming Language?
C is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It can be used for software development, such as operating systems, databases, compilers, etc.  C programming is believed to be the basis for other languages of programming, which is why it is called the mother language. It is a machine-independent structured programming language, widely used to develop numerous applications, operating systems like Windows, and many more complex programs including Oracle database, etc.

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Why Learn C Programming?
• C helps you to learn how a computer's internal architecture stores and retrieves information.
• It develops effective programs and can manage activities at low levels.
• After learning C, other programming languages such as Python, etc will be much easier to master.
• It can be compiled on a range of platforms
• It is very portable, such that applications built in C may operate on different machines.

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Features of C Programming Language
You can migrate C programs from one platform to another and execute them without changes or alterations.
Structured programming language

C programming is faster than several languages such as Java, Python, etc.

Management of memory
The dynamic memory allocation feature is supported.

General Purpose
C Programming Language can be utilized for the development of operating systems, embedded devices, databases, etc.

Rich Library
C Programming Language offers many built-in features which make programming quick.

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Applications of C Programming Language
It is used for system development, embedded systems, desktop programs, databases, IoT apps, compiler production, etc.
For text editors, printer spoolers, and network drivers, it is used.
It is used for browser extension development.

Is C easy to learn?
C is a language that most programmers learn before they on to more complicated languages. It's easy to learn because of a basic 32 keyword syntax.

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Are C and C++ the same?
The key difference is that C is the procedural language and does not support classes and objects, whereas C++ combines both procedural as well as objective programs.

Can We learn C in a week?
If you put effort you can master the basics of the C functions, loops, if-else, arrays in a few days and pointers, structures, etc then in the next few days.


int main() {
   return 0;


C is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It can be used for operating system development, database development, compiler, etc. C programming is considered to be the foundation for other programming languages, which is why it is called mother language. The language is highly portable and C applications can operate on several machines.

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