What is Dart and What is Dart used for?

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What is Dart?
Dart is a general-purpose programming language. Dart is a client language enabling rapid app development on any platform. It was created by Google and afterward accepted by ECMA as standard. Dart is developed for a specialized technical envelope for client development that focuses both on development and high-quality manufacturing experience across a wide range of compiling platforms. Dart provides several fundamental developer activities such as formatting, analysis, and code testing. Dart is a new language for both server and browser development.

What are Dart Libraries?
• dart:core: For each Dart application built-in types, collections, and other fundamental functions
• dart:typed_data: Lists that handle fixed-size data effectively and numerical kinds of SIMDs
• dart:io: File, socket, HTTP, & other non-web application I/O support
• dart:collection: Richer forms of collections include queues, linked lists, hashmaps, and binary trees
• dart:math: Constants and functions and the creation of a random number
• dart:async: Asynchronous programming support for classes like Future and Stream
• dart:html: HTML elements and other web-based application resources which need browser interaction and the Document Object Model
• dart:convert: Encoders and decoders utilized between different data representations, JSON and UTF-8 included.
• dart:ffi: Interfaces with foreign functions for compatibility with other code having a C-style interface
• dart:isolate: Independent workers that are thread-like but not memory-share and communicate solely via message

What are flutter and dart?
Dart is used to code Flutter apps. Flutter has its own engine that can make apps with UI components on both Android and iOS. Dart is a fast, object-oriented language that Flutter utilizes.

What are Dart Platforms?
Native platform: Dart contains both a just-in-time Dart VM and an ahead-of-time compiler for the production of machine code for applications targeting mobile devices and desktop computers.

Web Platform: Dart contains a development time compiler as well as a production time compiler for web-based applications. Dart is translated to JavaScript by both compilers.

What is Dart used for?
Dart programming language can be used for web and mobile applications and is also suitable for server and desktop applications.

What are Dart Features?
Optimized for User Interface
• Develop a programming language that is specialized in creating a user interface.
• A programming language easy to learn.

Productive development
• Use a hot reload to immediately observe the result in your application.
• On your chosen code editor do profiling, logging, and debugging of code

On all platforms, it is fast
• Compile ARM and x64 machine code for mobile, desktop, and backend applications. Alternatively, compile JavaScript for the web.
• Use a single programming language to run the backend code supporting your application.

Dart is a language that enables quick applications development on any platform. It was developed by Google. Dart supports a number of key development operations, including formatting, analyzing, and testing of codes. The language is used to write Flutter applications that can make Android and iOS applications and is also suitable for server and desktop applications and also having libraries for different purposes such as "dart:html" for HTML elements and other web-based application resources which need browser interaction and the Document Object Model 

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