What is Express.js? Why use Express.js?

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What is Express JS?
Express JS is a Node.js web application framework. It is built on top of Connect, which includes all the core features needed to build a production-ready web application straight away. Express JS gives developers the power to easily build their own RESTful APIs, abstracting away the boilerplate code, providing them with straightforward tools to get the job done without hassle.

What is Node.js? What is Node.js used for?

Why learn Express.js?
• It is powerful, scalable, and provides a robust set of features out-of-the-box.
• The API handles routing, responses, views, and cookies in a simple to use API with minimal configuration needed.
• Express builds on top of Node's HTTP module which allows it to be lightweight and malleable in design while still maintaining the stability that Node provides.
• Express also has a robust set of features out-of-the-box such as URL routing, view engines, cookies, and more which makes it a very attractive option for developers.

Why use Express.js?
• It provides a robust set of features that enable developers to take advantage of Node’s asynchronous I/O model
• Easy-to-learn JavaScript library with minimal overhead.
• It is now easy for programmers and developers to create web applications and APIs with less effort.

What is React?

What is New in Express.js?
• Templating engines for HTML or handlebars
• Routing
• Middleware plug-ins like compression
• Session storage that is not natively available in Node.js core modules.

What is the Difference between NodeJS and Express?
• Node.js is a server-side JavaScript framework for building fast web applications. It is a single-threaded server, which means that it can use all the cores of your CPU. Express is a full-featured MVC framework for quickly creating web applications with Node.js and has a robust set of features including templating, routing, and more.
• Node.js is usually used to write server-side code, whereas Express is used to write the front-end code of the application which communicates over AJAX with the backend code written in NodeJS.
• NodeJS is a JavaScript runtime environment that allows developers to use JavaScript on both the server and the client. Express is a Node.js web application framework.

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