What is JavaScript?

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JavaScript is an interpreted, lightweight programming language. It is developed for network-centric applications. As JavaScript is integrated with HTML, it is incredibly simple to use. It's free to use and cross-platform.


Why should you learn Javascript?
Javascript is the most widely used programming language - Once you've mastered Javascript, you'll be able to create fantastic front-end and back-end applications utilizing a variety of Javascript-based frameworks such as jQuery, Node.JS, and others.

Javascript is omnipresent - It comes pre-installed on every contemporary web browser, so you don't need to set up any specific environment to study it. Javascript is supported by Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and every other browser available today.

JavaScript is currently used in - in-game creation, mobile app development, and desktop app creation.

For individuals that know JavaScript - there is a lot of employment growth and excellent compensation due to strong demand. You may check at numerous employment sites to see what it's like to have JavaScript abilities in the employment market.

The great thing about Javascript - is that there are currently a plethora of frameworks and libraries available that can be utilized straight in your software development to minimize time to market.


Javascript Programming Applications
Client-side validation - is very necessary before sending any user input to the server, and Javascript plays a vital role in validating such inputs at the front-end.

Manipulation of HTML Pages - Javascript allows for on-the-fly manipulation of HTML pages. This allows you to simply add and remove any HTML element using javascript, as well as adjust the appearance and feel of your HTML to suit different devices and requirements.

User Notifications - You may use Javascript to create dynamic pop-ups on your website that provide your users various sorts of notifications.

Back-end Data Loading - Javascript includes an Ajax module that allows you to load back-end data while performing other tasks. Your website visitors will have an incredible experience as a result of this.

Presentations - In addition to generating presentations, JavaScript allows you to customize the appearance and feel of your website. To create web-based slide presentations, JavaScript provides the RevealJS and BespokeJS libraries.

Server Applications - Node JS is a fast and scalable network application framework based on Chrome's Javascript engine. This is an event-driven library that aids in the development of very sophisticated server applications, such as Web servers.


Javascript frameworks


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