What is jQuery?

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jQuery is a JavaScript library based on the idea of "Write less, do more," quick, lightweight, and feature-rich." It's simple to use APIs to make it much easier to manipulate and translate HTML documents, handle events, add animation effects to a website that works smoothly on all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and more.

At the beginning of 2006, jQuery was first designed by John Resig. Currently, the jQuery project is being managed and maintained as an open-source project by a dispersed development group.

What can we do with jQuery?
Elements for modification can be simply selected.
You can easily design effects such as displaying or hiding items, sliding transition, etc.
With fewer lines of code, you can quickly build complex CSS animation.
It is easy to manipulate DOM elements and their attributes.
Multiple actions with a single line of code can be done simply on an element.

jQuery Advantages
Save time – By using the built-in effects and selectors from jQuery you can save a lot of time and work.
Simplify common JavaScript tasks – jQuery simplifies common JavaScript tasks significantly. A classic example is Ajax, which updates without updating the content of a page.
Easy to use – it's easy to utilize jQuery. With jQuery, everyone can begin developing with the fundamental work knowledge of HTML CSS, and JavaScript.
Browser-compatible – jQuery is built for all the major modern browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.


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