What is JSON?

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JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation & is a readable format for structuring data. It is mainly used as an alternative to XML for transmitting data from a server to a web application. For data storage and transport, JSON is a text format. JSON enables organized easily accessible data storage. It is originated from JavaScript and it supports arrays and objects.

It is used in the writing of browser extensions & websites based JavaScript applications.
The JSON format is used for serialization and network transmission of structured data.
It is used primarily for transmitting data between a server and web apps.
The JSON format for public data is used by Web services and APIs.

Why Learn JSON?
JSON follows a compact style to enhance the readability of its users.
The JSON parsing process is faster because JSON needs lower data, resulting in cost savings and speed increases.
The structure of JSON can be read easily.
A map data structure is used in JSON. 

JSON Features
JSON can be read and written easily.
The interchange format is lightweight text-based.
JSON is independent of the language.
It is Simple and Self-Describing.


   "topic": [
         "language": "JSON",
         "edition": "First",
         "author": "JSON"
         "language": "JavaScript",
         "edition": "Second",
         "author": "JavaScript"
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