What is Swift Programming Language? Why use Swift?

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Swift is a general-purpose programming language developed with a modern approach to security, performance, and software architecture. Swift was designed as a substitute for the earlier programming language of Apple Objective-C, as it had not altered Objective-C since the early '80s and was without current language functionality.

Swift is a compiled iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux apps programming language. Swift has aspects such as Python, Rust, Ruby, and other languages in addition to objective-C. Speed code is safe, efficient, and works very quickly.

Why use Swift?
The clearest approach to write code should also be safe. Its syntax pushes you to develop a clean, consistent code that may sometimes even feel strict.

With decades of computer science progress, Swift is offering syntax to be used with new capabilities.

In demand 
Swift remains dominant in Objective C and ranks 14th among 2018's most popular languages of programming.

With performance in mind, Swift was built. The Swift is 2.6 times faster than Objective-C and 8.4 times faster than the Python.

Swift modern programming patterns
• Prior to use, variables are always initialized.
• For out-of-bound errors, the array indices are checked.
• Integer overflow is checked.
• Optional ensure clear handling of null values.
• Automatically manages memory.
• Error handling enables unexpected error recovery

Why Learn Swift?
Fast process of development
Swift read and write is easier. It is particularly concise, meaning that fewer codes are required to carry out the task. However, it decreases developers' coding efforts which contributes to reducing development time. Less code however contributes to a fast process of development.

Simple to use
The process is easy to control with Swift. Swift is easy to manage and minimizes the possibility of code crashing.

Multiple devices supported
Swift supports a variety of Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac, but also supports Linux and Windows platforms as well.

Swift Features
• It offers an upgraded collection of modern programming features.
• You don't have to import a library separately to implement input/output or string handling functionality
• It offers an easy way to write apps for iOS and OS X.
• The procedural and object-oriented portions of the language are unified.

Is Swift better than Python?
Swift and python performance varies, swift is speedier than python. It is basically up to you to choose the python or swift. You can pick Swift if you design apps that operate on Apple OS. You can use Python if you wish to develop an artificial intelligence project or to build the backends.

Is Swift hard to learn?
Swift is hard only if you have no previous programming expertise.  If you can understand the fundamental concepts of programming, it should be rather easy to learn Swift - it is vast and sophisticated, but not difficult.

Can you use Python with Swift?
Yes, by utilizing the PythonKit framework, you can execute python code from swift.

Is Swift the future?
For iOS app developers it will be the future. Indeed, since its arrival, Swift has already taken most of the market.

Swift is a general-purpose programming language built with a new approach to architecture, safety, and performance. Swift has been created to replace the previous Apple Objective-C programming language. The language is 2.6 times faster than Objective C &  8.4 times faster than Python. Swift is designed for easy usage and learning. Since its inception, Swift has gained the majority of the market for iOS apps. It is going to be the future for iOS developers.

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